The PISI-CIT 2016-2017 is planned to officially kick-off since June 3rd, 2016 with the expected schedule as follows:

03/06 - 20/09/2016

Launching Expression of Interest (EOI)

21/09 - 31/10/2016

Submitting the project proposals (include in individuals or groups have not yet submitted EOI)


The online evaluation round


Workshop of PISI-CIT and one-on-one evaluation round

01/12/2016 - 31/06/2017

Supporting and funding to implement the selected projects

LAST EVENTS (2015-2016)

- Openning ceremony CIT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Incubator – Lotus Hub

- Workshop of PISI-CIT and one-on-one evaluation round 

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- Surviving within one month with budget of less than 2 million dongs

      With the aim of fortifying skills of finance management, one of top priorities for successful startup, Green Startup Club at College of Information Technology has organized a competition called “Surviving within one month with budget of less than 2 million dongs”.

      This competition is sponsored by Vietnam Student Association and Visa Company, the company specializing in the technology of global payment and of connection between consumers, corporations, banks and governments in over 200 nations and territories.

      This competition takes place from September 9, 2015 to October 9, 2015; its target is students living away from their home and studying at colleges and universities over Da Nang city. It has drawn attention of nearly 50 candidates from colleges and universities in Da Nang city submitting their participation plans.

      They sent their plans of one-month personal expenditure to the Organizer and three individuals having the most feasible plans with the lowest spending would get the prize of that amount of money planned for using within one month. They promised not to get extra spending within that month. Additionally, after one month, individual using spending that he/ she planned would get the prize of Making and Deploying plans best. Based on the differential between the planned and real expenditure, other candidates would get second or third prize for making and deploying plans.

- Forum of finance management

      High School Students always have got ideas of startup; if many of which were deployed and managed effectively, they would get sustainable development. However, what high school students lack are skills of finance management during the process of planning their ideas. Recognizing that issue, the Green Startup Club – College of Information Technology will hold Forum of Finance Management on October 8, 2015.

      This forum will equip high school students for knowledge and experience of managing finance, firstly to make a preparation for them when they will leave high school, and then serve for actualizing their startup ideas. Forum is expected to draw attention of nearly 200 high school students in Ngu Hanh Son and Son Tra districts.



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