The PISI-CIT 2018-2019

Program of Innovation and Start-up Ideas on Information and Communication Technology

PISI-ICT 2018-2019

 (PISI-CIT) is the program supporting and funding ideas on innovation and start-up in terms of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and sustainable businesses for students, young people, especially women in the Central Coast - Central Highlands Vietnam. This program is aimed at motivating the creative spirits, active thinking, ideas of starting up as well as enabling students to put their own dreams of doing business and developing their innovative ICT and business products into reality.

     PISI-ICT is the annual innovation and start-up program which has been initiated under the collaboration between the University of Danang - College of Information Technology (CIT), the University of Danang - School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT) and other training entities, international and domestic organizations with the initial budget from the funded project in the framework of Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) - the ODA funded by the governments of Vietnam and Finland.

     Up to now, PISI-ICT has achieved greatly unexpected success, a very big significant for the contribution to promote entrepreneurship movement in colleges, universities in particular and for the whole Danang and the Central Coast - Central Highlands Vietnam in general. The program has attracted the attention and participation of the start-up community: nearly 2.000 people impacted, more than 50 innovative and start-up project teams selected for the incubation support; 5 projects selected by Lotus Impact Fund (USA); nearly 90 international and local experts invited to participate in sharing, mentoring and instructing; about 40 supporting partner organizations connected in the network..

     Following the great success, PISI-ICT 2018 has been continuously organized by SICT and CIT in cooperation with other international institution partners: University of Turku - Finland, University of Dublin-Ireland, University of Leon - Spain, Lotus Impact Fund, and other partners in framework of ICTentr project of Erasmus+ Program.

03/09 - 30/11/2017

Launching Expression of Interest (EOI)

01/12/2017 - 31/01/2018

Submitting the project proposals (include in individuals or groups have not yet submitted EOI)

01/02 - 20/02/2018

The online evaluation round


Workshop of PISI-CIT and one-on-one evaluation round

01/03/2018 - 31/08/2018

Supporting and funding to implement the selected projects

     Candidates and range

     All of the students (high schools, undergraduates and post-graduates) in the Central Coast - Central Highlands Vietnam are able to submit Expression of Interest and proposals on innovative and starting up ideas on ICT and sustainable businesses to the program.

     The innovative and start-up ideas proposed include business ideas, ideas of developing applicable products, service advancing ideas, etc., in the field of ICT and sustainable businesses.

     Awards and the opportunities to start up

     All of the individuals or groups who propose the selected ideas (both potential and prospective) will receive funding and training program of no charge to launch their idea implementation supported by experienced experts invited from organizations and enterprises.

     The potential ideas will be recommended to Lotus Impact Fund and the Danang City Incubator (DNES) for investing and special incubation supporting.


     All the individuals or groups of students (high schools, undergraduates and post-graduates) in the Central Coast - Central Highlands Vietnam who would like to receive support and funding from PISI-CIT need to submit Expression of Interest (form) to join the program via email: by September 20th, 2016.

     All information and forms are available at


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